high performance transmissions

high performance transmissions

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R&R Transmission Specialists was established in August of 1994 in Wisconsin We have serviced and repaired transmissions in the Chicago area and central Wisconsin for over 30 years. This gives R&R Transmission Specialists the winning edge.
With all of the changes and technology involved in the automotive business today, it requires experience, knowledge. patience and the proper tooling and equipment to deal with today's complicated transmissions.

We pledge to do our very best to provide you or your company with the very best and highest quality rebuilt transmissions. At this time, we Dyno Test on AxiLine Test Equipment, the most popular rear and front-wheel drive units. If you have any questions regarding in-stock transmission units or car repairs, please feel free to contact us. We thank you for your time, and we hope to be serving you in the near future!


We offer a standard warranty of 12 months or 12,000 miles on all of our rebuilt transmissions. Your warranty is valid only when installation is done by R&R Transmission, or we do a free inspection of installation done elsewhere.
We also offer an extended warranty of 3 years or 36,000 miles for an additional fee (most vehicle models.) The extended warranty is only valid for our retail customers, and not offered on Heavy Duty rebuilds.


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